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Renovation Service

PRICE: 140$ – 280$ Per square meter

Renovare is the one of the leading companies in Tbilisi, Georgia delivering renovation and re-modelling services for physical persons and organizations. Renovation process is comprised of several important stages, that defines the amount of budget and timeline needed to finish the work. We have provided the estimated costs below, in order to calculate the exact budget and timeline – the visit of our assistant is required.

The General Stages of Renovation:

  • Preparation 1 – Professional Evaluation: At this stage our representative visits the venue, assesses the situation and gathers questions for a client.
  • Preparation 2 – Q&A Negotiation Process: Here the client has a first draft already to have Q&A about, to discuss details and negotiate different parts of renovation materials to be used, work to be done including the design service and rendering. Please click here to download the sample version of calculation sheet, here is the sample drawing for this calculation. Please click here to download the portfolio of our designers
  • Preparation 3 – Legal & Finance: Agreement on terms of budget and timeline, all points of work to be done, materials to be used. Contract reflecting the agreement and the first payment to be done due to the agreement. Please click here to download the contract sample.
  • Phase 1 – The Essentials Renovation: Building and modeling walls, ceiling, floors, electricity, heating, plumping and other essentials.
  • Phase 2 – The Finishing of Renovation: Doing the tiling, painting, doors, lighting and design details, the renovation itself to be finished.
  • Phase 3 – Furniture Installation: Putting up a kitchen, living room, bedroom and all other furniture details.
  • Phase 4 – Clean-up and Finishing: Professional chemical clean-up, finalizing any detail left. Recovering any possible glitches or bugs.
  • Phase 5 – Safety Control: Ensuring the electricity, censors and other safety items to be properly done.
  • Phase 6 – Design & Last Items: Curtains, TV Set and other features.

Costs for other phases are depended on choices the client makes and has a wide range of prices.

Here you can overview what costs are covered under labor and material categories.

We work in all Georgia, else the 20% of occupied territories by Russian Federation.

Interior Design Service

PRICE: 28$ – 38$ Per square meter

Since year 2017 Renovare is providing the design services to its customers. Our professional and experienced team of young designers are ready to draw an incredible future concept of your flat, house or commercial area based on your taste and requirements, where every detail, colors and accessories meet your expectations.

The servicing conditions are following:

  • Research the client’s needs.
  • Fill-up the questionnaire about design direction to tell the team what style of design to develop.
  • Signing the contract and choose one of the versions of styles provided,
  • Customer pays the 70% of invoice.
  • The design work is over and details to change are being considered.
  • Customer pays full invoice.

Architecture and Projecting Service

PRICE: 25$ – 45$ Per square meter

Renovare offers design and architectural services to customers. Our experienced, professional designers, architects, engineers and all the necessary links in the design direction for your real estate will create a project and architecture concept tailored to your reality, interests and taste, where all the details of the construction will be planned to the highest standards and all the processes will be detailed.

Service Process and Terms:

  • Inquiry about project details
  • If, as a result of the survey, our team agrees to perform the work, the customer pays half of the amount
  • Choosing a direction if you like the first test sketches
  • Design work is completed and changes in details are taken into account
  • Submission of documentation to relevant authorities and obtaining final conclusions and (construction) rights
  • The customer pays the other half of the total amount

This design direction includes a full range of services, including:

  • Architectural project
  • Topographical plan
  • Constructive project + expertise
  • Transport schemes
  • Geology + expertise
  • Construction organization project
  • Engineering project
  • Dismantling
  • Taxation
  • Placing an informational banner

See sample project (It is provided in Georgian, because legally it only makes sense in native language):

Construction Service

Price: $130 – $190 Per square meter

Renovare offers construction services to its customers, our experienced, professional builders, architects, engineers and all the necessary links for your real estate will be created according to your reality, taking into account your interests and possibilities.

Service Process and Terms:

  • Inquiry about project details.
  • If, as a result of the survey, our team agrees to perform the work, we will tell you the approximate price, which varies from $130 to $190 equivalent in GEL (without taxes) per square meter of construction volume (non-residential).
  • If the customer agrees to the estimated price, then he pays the cost of the detailed budget calculation.
  • Our team creates accurate cost estimates based on architectural data: See the example above.
  • If the user does not have design data, then the process will first be transferred to the design team.
  • After reviewing the accurately calculated budget, the final contract budget will be drawn up.
  • A contract will be signed, according to the terms of which the customer starts paying and our team starts building.
  • During the project, the customer is constantly informed about the construction progress through video/photo material.
  • After the completion of the works, a final acceptance form is drawn up between the parties.

This direction of construction services includes a full range of services as needed, including:

  • Arranging the construction site according to the standards
  • Ensuring security
  • Fully run the black frame (build + block).
  • Arrangement of iron constructions
  • Arrangement of fence and terraces
  • Arrangement of a pool
  • Any other construction work provided by the project

See an example project in the construction organization section:

Cleaning Service

PRICE: From 3$ Per square meter

“Cleanliness Laboratory” is a cleaning company that has been a member of our group for more than 3 years and is successfully operating in the market – it offers customers the highest quality services in the direction of cleaning, disinfection and dry cleaning. We are staffed by a team of professionals equipped with the highest quality equipment and cleaning products. We know very well how to deal with the largest and most difficult jobs and remove stains without any damage to the surface.

Customer satisfaction is the most important value for the employees of “Cleanliness Laboratory”. That is why any customer with us can feel calm, comfortable and enjoy the quality guarantee. We offer one-time and multiple services for the following types of services: post-repair cleaning; dry cleaning of furniture; disinfection. You can use the cleaning service at such facilities as – office; house/cottage; entrance hall elevator; pool exterior facade and so on. Our team is ready to help you overcome any problem.

Contact – Book Assistant Visit

If you would like to calculate the cost of your renovation, design or cleaning service, please call the number below from 10:00 to 18:00 during working days, the number is active on Viber an WhatsApp:

+33 676 554 309

The first visit and meeting is free of charge. If you need detailed version of budget without an agreement of our services, you need to order Professional Calculation Service that costs 400 GEL for properties located anywhere in Georgia, 100 GEL in Tbilisi. You can make payment via bank transfer only.

Warning for Internationals

Unfortunately there are many groups of people in Georgia, who call themselves “Khelosani” in Georgian, meaning worker who can help renovate your home/office, who are frequently having a problem with professionalism and honesty. They usually are not registered companies and offer no legal agreements, taking money on cash and may quit your project anytime or request more money to finish the project.

TIPS FOR SAFETY: When you compare our service to others, make sure other companies:

  1. Are registered tax payers;
  2. They have brand name, logo and solid website;
  3. They have active social media presence;
  4. During placing an order they can provide costs delegated into categories of labor, material, profit and taxes;
  5. They offer contracts, transactions cut in logical proportions of invoices and accept bank transfers only to the registered company.

Our Works

Due to the new privacy laws and policies in Georgia supervised by State Inspector Service, we no longer publish properties of our portfolio, as clients frequently sell their estate without notifying us and we avoid to disrupt someone’s privacy even unintentionally. But here is one approved sample you can view and some others in Facebook album.